Hi, my name is Naoko McQueen. I consider myself a language teacher and I had taught Japanese as a foreign language for over 15 years until 2 years ago, but I currently teach the IB Japanese A Literature and I am also an LS teacher in the HS division at ISM.

Technology to me is something that I have avoided as much as I could, but I am starting to realize that it cannot be avoided any longer. Our students now are so exposed to and almost surrounded by various types of technology, and they are expected to be able to demonstrate their knowledge through technology. To some extent, I am sure that technology allows teachers to differentiate their instructions in classrooms and proper use of technology makes it possible for students to learn on their own ways and demonstrate their understanding in a numerous different ways.  My concern is though to depend on technology too much in education. I still believe that the classic way of note-taking and/or studying using a pencil and paper benefits most students in terms of developing effective thinking process, selecting necessary information, memorizing key words and definitions, summarizing the contents and knowing what they understand and what they do not understand. However, I do see some benefits that technology brings to certain types of learners in different subjects and situations. I feel that we as educators should get familiar with technologies and make wise and professional judgement as to when and how much we should utilize different types of technology.

My favorite place to visit in the Philippines is The Farm in Batangas. It is a beautiful place with gorgeous gardens. The place is so calm and peaceful and they serve amazingly healthy food. I feel very relaxed and refreshed whenever I go stay there. I wish though the pricing was a bit lower.